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Oven will not ignite

Gas oven range / stove igniting problem

As a technician, I get many service calls for burners not turn on. Before calling for repair you might be able to solve this issue yourself by simply following my check list.

Issue: My Gas burner is not igniting

1) Most of the time this issue will occur when you have just cleaned the cook top with a wet cloth in and around the burner caps and spark electrode. When these parts remain wet and moisture builds up on them, this will prevent the electric spark from making proper contact with the metal burner caps. So make sure your burner parts are completely dry.

2) Sometimes oil/grease spills will occur and build up inside the orifice, burner caps and burner. When this happens it will prevent proper contact with the metal as well as letting gas flow through properly to ignite the burner. I suggest clean them with hot water and vinegar to eat up the buildup, or simply use a degreaser and remove as much as you can. Once cleaned, rinse off and let it dry completely.

3) Once you have done cleaned them and let it completely dry, try and ignite your burners. If they don't ignite, check to see if the spark electrode it’s sparking when you turn the knob. The spark electrode is usually white with a silver tip and is the ticking sound you hear when you turn the knob to ignite the burners.

4) If the spark electrode does not spark you might have a bad electrode or bad spark module. Spark module can usually be found in the back of the unit by the control panel, back middle portion of the unit near where the outlet plug is connected to the oven when you remove the metal cover or behind the side panels left or right, which will require removing or shifting the side panels off.

If your reach this case, I strongly suggest you can a professional before attempting this yourself. It will save you aggravation and prevent you from damaging other parts as well.

For local appliance repair in Long Island NY, call us today! Amaro Appliance Service at (631)486-0782. We offer free service with repair! Plus new customers receive $15 Off on any repair. We are excited to have the opportunity in serving you and all your appliance needs.

By Josh (technician) Amaro Appliance Service

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