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Dryer is taking longer than usual to dry.

Is your dryer not working properly?

If your dryer is heating up but not drying the way it used to, check a few areas before you decide to call for service.

1) Check for any abnormal kinks in the exhaust pipe. This will restrict the hot air from releasing properly.

2) Remove the exhaust flex pipe from the back of the dryer. Check the flex pipe and see if lint blockage is present. If lint accumulation is present, remove most of it as best as you can.

3) Try and run a load without the exhaust flex pipe attached to the dryer with the dryer pulled at least 3 feet away for hot air to escape. Start it up and feel the air flow being released out of the dryer in the back. Remember the feel of the airflow for step 4. You might want to open some windows because it can get kind of humid in the laundry area. If the load dries the clothes well you have eliminated the dryer being the issue.

4) Next reattach the flex pipe back to the dryer. Put in another load and start the dryer. Then go outside to where the exhaust pipe pushes the air out to. Check the flap outside and check if there's any blockage preventing the air to flow out freely. If so, remove as much as you can. As in step 3, make sure the flap opens freely as the air passes through roughly about the same amount of air flow as when it was removed from the back of the dryer. Also take into consideration, it will be a little less depending on how long the exhaust line is. If you’re not feeling much air coming out then you know you have a blockage the line. This will cause your dryer not to dry properly.

It's time for professional cleaning!

If the dryer still hasn't performed well then you will need to have it professionally cleaned. The entire exhaust might have a blockage somewhere in between the line which you can't see depending on your installation. Also please check your installation / user car manual for proper specs for your exhaust line. Too long or too many bends in the exhaust line will slow the air flow down which will lead to longer drying time or poor drying.

*Please note that using a leaf blower will not work effectively unless you have a really short exhaust line that runs to the outside. Please get it professionally cleaned. This will help prevent your dryer from overheating, lint backing up inside the actual dryer and causing a fire. If it's been years since you have had your exhaust line cleaned, I suggest that the inside of the dryer be cleaned out as well. If that’s the case we at Titan Appliance Repair can make sure that the inside of your dryer is clean, preventing any potential fire.

For local appliance repair in Long Island NY, call us today! Amaro Appliance Service at (631)486-0782. We offer free service with repair! Plus new customers receive $15 Off on any repair. We are excited to have the opportunity in serving you and all your appliance needs.

By Josh (technician) Amaro Appliance Service

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