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How to eliminate that awful smell from your washer.

How to get rid of the awful smell from your washer.

Is your washer starting to have a foul smell? Here are some reasons why it maybe getting that awful smell in your washer machine.

1) You may be using the wrong detergent. New washer machines most likely require that you use HE only detergent. If your using regular detergent, your washer will create too much suds, which will be difficult for your machine to fully drain out the dirty soapy water. This will overtime accumulate and leave a thick, old and gooey layer of detergent. This will not be visiable because it usually sticks on the outside of the spin basket as well as the inside part of the outter tub assembly.

2) If your using HE detergent, then your probably using to much of it in your loads. I know the instructions will say which line to fill up to for each load size but that is not necessary. HE is 3 times concentrated than regular detergent. This means you need to put less of HE then regular. I recommend putting three tablespoons on normal loads, 4 on large loads. If you notice on all HE washers the water doesn't fill much when washing, so the ratio between water and detergent should be considered when putting in detergent.

3) HE detergents have different thickness to them. So this should also be in thought. The thicker the liquid the harder for it to fully dissolve, leaving the rest to stick onto your clothes and the machine itself. If this is the case you can dilute the detergent with water before entering it into the dispenser tray.

4) Have you been wiping down the rubber gaskets and leaving the door open to vent out the wet humid air inside the machine after your done with laundry. Also, leaving your dispenser tray slightly open as well. If not, ignoring these simple tasks will create the smell to build up over time.

What we fail to do

Most of us don't read our user care manual when we buy a product. Throughout the years we have seen a big change on how top major brands have come along way in new designs and technology. New washers now require us to perform certain tasks to make sure we get the life expectancy from them. I suggest you check your user care manual to see what's expected of you to help get the most out of your machine.

Here are some cleaners you can use to get rid of that smell

1) Affresh washer tablets, Whirlout, Tide washer cleaner and Washer Magic.

These cleaners will help kill and disinfect bacteria build up as well as refreshen your washer with a nice clean smell.

* Note that if you haven't done any of these procedures, I suggest you run a couple of cleaning cycles. Must washers have a special cycle such as a Sanitary or Tub Clean feature. If Not equipped then use the hottest setting and let if run through without clothes in the machine.

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By Josh (technician) Amaro Appliance Service

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