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Refrigerator not cooling properly

Refrigerator is not cooling properly

First thing to check is the back of your refrigerator. Open the cover down below of the unit. The cover should have several screws holding a retangular cover made out of either cardboard, plastic or metal with vent holes. Once removed, inspect the insides of the area. If its dusty and clogged, it needs cleaning. If this area is clogged the system will overheat and will affect the refrigerator from normal operation.

Second, check your door gaskets for any opennings that is preventing it from sitting flush against the frame. Any opennings will prevent the compartment from holding its temperature. If your gasket is warped and is not cracked or torn you can easily remold its shape by using a hair dryer. The heat will expand the gasket to its original shape.

Third, check if your light switches are working properly. If these switches are not working, it will prevent the evaporator fan from turning on when it should be. The evaporator fan is responsible for pushing the cold air from the freezer to the fresh food side. So if the switch is broken or something is preventing it from activating the switches, then the fan won't turn on. Open the door and hit the door switch and see if the lights turn on and off. Do this for both compartments one at a time with the other door closed. Also check to hear that the fan does turn on. If it doesn't the refrigerator might be in self defrost mode and you'll just have to try again in a half an hour. If it still doesn't operate when you try again, call for service. There are several reasons why the fan is not operating and only a professional repairman can diagnose this problem correctly.

A sign of room air temperture getting into your refrigerator

Ocassionally frost buildup may occur in your freezer compartment and could protentially buildup into your evaporator fan. If this happens you may hear a loud buzzing noise. Something like when little kids would put a playing card on the rear tire of a bike. Eventually the fan will remain stuck and won't be able to push the cold air at all. If this happens its best if you call a repairman to remove the buildup because some panels in the freezer compartment are delicate and can break. Once they break it won't sit properly and seal along the back.

Checking these areas that I've mentioned can help you understand what problems you might have. If there's any hesitation at all, don't be affraid to call for service. Problems are not as bad as they may seem.

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By Josh (technician) Amaro Appliance Service

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